GroupDocs.Watermark Overview

What is GroupDocs.Watermark?

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET is a powerfull API for managing watermarks in the various documents formats such as PDF, DOCX/DOC/RTF, PPTX/PPT, XLSX/XLS, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and many others.

With GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET you can add watermarks that are hard to be automatically removed by third-party tools, search and remove previously added watermarks of popular types (including watermarks added by third-party tools) in a document.

Why use GroupDocs.Watermark?

  • No additional software is required;

  • Fast and efficient document watermarking API;

  • Adding/removing watermarks to/from a particular section or whole document;

  • Attach watermark to all images in a particular section, page, slide, or document;

  • Assign watermark to only particular frames of a multi-framed image;

  • Allocate hidden watermark to PDF that only appears when printing document;

  • Set watermark to all attachments in an excel document & all image shapes in presentation;

  • Place watermark or remove it from the background images of spreadsheet or presentation;

  • Employ watermark to supported files in all attachments of an email or PDF document;

  • Apply or remove watermark as XObjects, artifacts & annotations in PDF documents;

  • Eliminate watermark containing text with particular formatting;

  • Look for image watermarks that resemble a particular image;

  • Identify text watermark even if there are unreadable characters between letters;

  • Search watermarks based on specific parameters or by combining multiple criteria;

  • Specify font formatting to look for matching text watermark;

  • Programmatically extract page setup & other information for supported formats;

  • Add watermark to images inside any header & footer in supported document formats;

  • Add watermark to image shapes in a word document & lock watermarks to restrict editing;

  • Protect text watermark using unreadable characters in presentations;

  • Rasterize particular page or whole PDF document to protect added watermarks;

  • Change text formatting while replacing existing text watermark;

  • Align watermark to bleed box, art box, crop box, or trim box in PDF document.