Add watermarks to images

Add watermark to photos or multi-framed images

When you are working with an animated GIF or multi-frame TIFF images, you may want to add watermark to some particular frame(s) using the property FrameIndex of TiffImageWatermarkOptions or GifImageWatermarkOptions.


TiffImageLoadOptions loadOptions = new TiffImageLoadOptions();
// Specify an absolute or relative path to your image. Ex: @"C:\Docs\image.tiff"
using (Watermarker watermarker = new Watermarker("image.tiff", loadOptions))
    // Initialize text or image watermark
    TextWatermark watermark = new TextWatermark("Test watermark", new Font("Arial", 19));

    // Add watermark to the first frame
    TiffImageWatermarkOptions options = new TiffImageWatermarkOptions();
    options.FrameIndex = 0;

    watermarker.Add(watermark, options);

Advanced use cases