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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET NuGet package (Windows)
GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform NuGet package (Windows, Linux, macOS)

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a powerful, high-performance, and cross-platform library that allows you to build desktop and web file viewer applications using C#.

GroupDocs.Viewer supports over 170 popular file formats. Load text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, web pages, email messages, and images and render/display them in HTML, PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. You can render the entire document or specific pages.

GroupDocs.Viewer ships with a wide range of options that allow you to control the rendering process and customize the output files. For example, you can protect the output PDF file and reorder its pages, generate responsive HTML pages, adjust the size and quality of output images, add text watermarks, and cache the results.


Starting from March 2024 a separate build (package) of GroupDocs.Viewer was released — a GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform. The main reason for this product is to get rid of System.Drawing library, which is not supported on Linux starting from .NET 6.0. So the GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform is a System.Drawing-free, it was replaced by the Aspose.Drawing.Common cross-platform library.

GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform has the identical public APi as “classic” GroupDocs.Viewer, as well the licensing mechanism. However, not all the formats are supported — GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform does not support all MS Project Management formats (MPP, MPT, MPX), Note-taking file format (ONE), all Visio formats, and Adobe-related formats (AI, PSD, PSB). Please note that we have a plan to support all of these formats in the future versions of GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform.

Unlike the “classic” GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, the GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform does not support neither .NET Framework nor .NET Core — it supports only .NET 6.0 and above. It also has a dependency on the GroupDocs.CrossPlatform.NativeAssets package.