Rendering E-Mail Messages

E-mail file formats are used by e-mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail to store data including email messages, attachments, formatting, and other media. 

Online E-mail Viewer

To view E-mail messages online please check out free E-mail Viewer

Supported E-Mail Formats

The following image E-Mail files are supported by the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. 

Auto Detection means that GroupDocs.Viewer for Java can determine the type of the E-Mail file by reading the information in the file header.

File TypeFile ExtensionAuto Detection
.EMLE-mail MessageYes
.EMLXApple Mail E-mail FileYes
.MSGMicrosoft Outlook E-mail MessageYes

Note: to get actual information about supported formats it is recommended to call getSupportedFileTypes() method of FileType class

In this section

The articles given in this section describes the usage of GroupDocs.Viewer to convert E-Mail formats with different available options.

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