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Major Features

There are some features, improvements, and bug-fixes in this release, most notable are:

  • Added AutoCAD Drawing Template (.dwt) file-format support
  • Improved performance when rendering documents in chunks
  • Improved rendering MS Project documents
  • Added OpenDocument Graphic Template (.otg) file-format support
  • Improved rendering presentations to responsive HTML
  • Removed legacy API

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERNET-127Add AutoCAD Drawing Template (.dwt) file-format supportFeature
VIEWERNET-2257Timeout when loading external resources contained by text documentsFeature
VIEWERNET-2045Add OpenDocument Graphic Template (.otg) file format supportFeature
VIEWERJAVA-2175Add method to clear temporary filesFeature
VIEWERJAVA-2188Add possibility to set background color of the converted fileFeature
VIEWERJAVA-2191Add possibility to render DWG files to SVG formatFeature
VIEWERNET-1993Reduce the number of resources created when rendering MS Project documentsImprovement
VIEWERNET-2174Improve performance when rendering document in chunksImprovement
VIEWERNET-2240Improve rendering presentations to responsive HTML Improvement
VIEWERNET-1937Console output is printed when rendering ODG imagesBug
VIEWERNET-1934The code hangs while converting PDF document to HTML outputBug
VIEWERNET-6Empty result when rendering DWG to image or PDFBug
VIEWERNET-2133Incorrect font when rendering PDF to HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-2251Empty folder list for ZIP archive created in WindowsBug
VIEWERNET-2277Resource loading timeout is not working for some filesBug
VIEWERNET-2282Parameter is not valid exception when resizing imageBug
VIEWERJAVA-16Bulleted list images replaced with envelop images when rendering ODP as HTMLBug
VIEWERJAVA-410API consumes a lot of memory and generates OutOfMemoryError (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space)Bug
VIEWERJAVA-1635Missing images and background when rendering VST and VTX filesBug
VIEWERJAVA-1862Process is stuck when rendering CGM to HTMLBug
VIEWERJAVA-1951Content is shifted when rendering presentation with commentsBug
VIEWERJAVA-2087There is no html link after viewing pdf file in html modeBug
VIEWERJAVA-2178Chinese characters are garbled when converting DWG format files to PDF in LinuxBug
VIEWERJAVA-2187IndexOutOfBoundsException exception when calling getViewInfo() method.Bug
VIEWERJAVA-2302Text is lost when a PDF file with Chinese content is rendered to HTMLBug
VIEWERJAVA-2305Null reference exception when converting PDF to HTML with external resourcesBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

public Viewer(InputStream inputStream, ViewerSettings settings) constructor has been added

 * <p>
 * Initializes new instance of {@link Viewer} class.
 * </p>
 * @param inputStream The file stream
 * @param settings    The Viewer settings.
 * @throws IllegalArgumentException Thrown when {@code inputStream} is null.
 * @throws IllegalArgumentException Thrown when {@code settings} is null.
public Viewer(InputStream inputStream, ViewerSettings settings)

public static void clearTempFiles() method has been added

 * <p>Removes temporary files created during rendering.</p>
public static void clearTempFiles()

public void setResourceLoadingTimeout(int resourceLoadingTimeout) method has been added in LoadOptions class

 * he external resources e.g. graphics loading timeout.
 * The default value is 30 seconds.
 * This option is supported for Word Processing documents that contain external resources.
 * @param resourceLoadingTimeout loading timeout
public void setResourceLoadingTimeout(int resourceLoadingTimeout)

public void setBackgroundColor(Color mBackgroundColor) method has been added in CadOptions class

 * Sets image background color
 * @param mBackgroundColor Image background color
public void setBackgroundColor(Color backgroundColor)

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