GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 17.2.0 Release Notes

Major Features

There are new features, improvements, and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Improved rendering Slides documents by removing embedded audios
  • Improved extracting document information
  • MOBI file format viewing support
  • Fixed rendering of DWG documents which ware rendered into small image or into image with dots
  • Ability to set default font when rendering Email documents
  • OTP (OpenDocument Presentation Template) file format viewing support
  • Improved public API of ViewerConfig class and IInputDataHandler interface
  • When viewing two documents in one browser page CSS classes are not overriding
  • WebP (Image format) file format viewing support
  • OTS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template) file format viewing support
  • Current directory is used as storage path when storage path is not specified in ViewerConfig
  • Implemented responsive HTML ouput for Slides documents
  • Added possibility to configure ViewerConfig class via app.config or web.config files
  • Implemented partial rendering of large Excel sheets when rendering to Html
  • Improved rendering Email documents in Html mode
  • Improved rendering Pdf documents in Html mode
  • Rendering password-protected MPP(2003) files
  • LaTeX file format support
  • Add {resource-name} pattern to HtmlOptions.HtmlResourcePrefix
  • Implement setting which allows rendering PDF document layers separately

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

VIEWERNET-888Mobi format supportNew Feature
VIEWERNET-955Ability to set default font when rendering Email documentsNew Feature
VIEWERNET-849Add OTP format supportNew Feature
VIEWERNET-996OTS format supportNew Feature
VIEWERNET-971WebP file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERNET-1043Implement setting to prevent glyphs grouping when rendering pdf documentsNew Feature
VIEWERNET-1036Partial rendering of large Excel sheets in HTML modeNew Feature
VIEWERNET-1034Implement parameterless ViewerHtmlHandler and ViewerImageHandler constructorsNew Feature
VIEWERNET-308Add possibility to configurate ViewerConfig class via app.config or web.config fileNew Feature
VIEWERNET-1022Rendering password-protected MPP(2003) filesNew Feature
VIEWERNET-785LaTeX file format supportNew Feature
VIEWERNET-913Remove embedded audios from presentationImprovement
VIEWERNET-966Improve public API of ViewerConfig classImprovement
VIEWERNET-963Improve rendering CAD (dwg, dxf) documents to PdfImprovement
VIEWERNET-957Improve public API of IInputDataHandler interfaceImprovement
VIEWERNET-927Display HTML pages of two different documents in the same page in browser without overriding CSS classesImprovement
VIEWERNET-1020Use current directory when storage path is not specifiedImprovement
VIEWERNET-934Implement responsive HTML output for Slides documentsImprovement
VIEWERNET-1052Implement setting to configure content ordering in resultant HTML documentImprovement
VIEWERNET-1040Improve Email documents renderingImprovement
VIEWERNET-1075Implement saving fonts and styles separately when converting Words to HtmlImprovement
VIEWERNET-1071Add {resource-name} pattern to HtmlOptions.HtmlResourcePrefixImprovement
VIEWERNET-1061Add CountPagesToRender and PageNumbersToRender properties to RenderOptions classImprovement
VIEWERNET-1060Implement IDisposable for container classesImprovement
VIEWERNET-1055Implement setting which allows rendering pdf document layers separatelyImprovement
VIEWERNET-1021Add code examples to documentation commentsImprovement
VIEWERNET-942Invalid rendering of DWG file into Image or HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-922GetDocumentInfo() method is throwing exceptionBug
VIEWERNET-918Failed to load XPS file in evaluation modeBug
VIEWERNET-910Dwg document is rendered into the small imageBug
VIEWERNET-905Invalid rendering of DWG file into HTML and ImageBug
VIEWERNET-798SheetRender.GetPageSize throws an exception when sheet is emptyBug
VIEWERNET-417FormattedText does not return TextWidth for Japanese characters.Bug
WEB-2447The background is missed for IE 11Bug
WEB-2109Special characters like accents, umlauts and circumflex are displayed incorrectly when saving specific PDF to HTMLBug
WEB-1398A ligature is shown incorrectly in HTML produced from PDFBug
VIEWERNET-979Invalid characters while rendering Word document into HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-958Throws unsupported file format exception when loading specific doc fileBug
VIEWERNET-956Getting exception “File type ‘doc’ is not supported”Bug
VIEWERNET-949Parameter is not valid exception when rendering xlsx to imageBug
VIEWERNET-877Extra blank page created when converting DWG to PDFBug
VIEWERNET-848Failed to convert WMF file to image in ASP.NET applicationBug
VIEWERNET-847Incorrect Rendering of Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and their Label into HtmlBug
VIEWERNET-775No text when converting Pdf to Html with FontAbsorberBug
VIEWERNET-1027Different exception messages for password encrypted Word documentBug
VIEWERNET-993Failed to load SAI imageBug
VIEWERNET-976Large scrollbars when viewing pdf converted to HTML with embedded resources in IE EdgeBug
VIEWERNET-962IE Edge displays large scrollbars for generated HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-953Failed to load Tex file from streamBug
VIEWERNET-947Failed to load XCF fileBug
VIEWERNET-941Position of graph lines is not correct in output HTML or image fileBug
WEB-2422Printing Radio Buttons from HTML pageBug
WEB-1092Links are converted into plain text when converting PDF to HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-1023Merged cells in XLSX are not displayed as merged in HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-1004Alignment of radio button text and checkbox text is not properBug
VIEWERNET-994Jumbling words when rendering PDF document to HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-975Creates only one page in text(txt) documentBug
VIEWERNET-974Radio buttons are not showing as ‘selected’ or ‘checked’ when converting to fixed HTMLBug
VIEWERNET-972Radio buttons are not showing as ‘selected’ or ‘checked’Bug
VIEWERNET-581Missing characters, invalid formatting when saving to HTMLBug
WEB-2377Incorrect conversion from DOCX to PDFBug
WEB-756Header-links in PDF files do not workBug
VIEWERNET-1035Input stream must be FileStream exception when loading Tex file from streamBug
VIEWERNET-688Getting GroupDocs.Foundation Dependency Exception in SharePoint 2013Bug
VIEWERNET-505Background image is missing when converting to imageBug
VIEWERJAVA-976Text and text alignment is messed up in 01_the_manure_tool_baltic_20131215_incl_logo.xlsxBug
VIEWERJAVA-1322A lot of temporary files with name ASPOSE_24_14xxx are created in temp folderBug
VIEWERJAVA-1358Fields are duplicated in fd.xml fileBug
VIEWERJAVA-1326Exception is thrown by the API when an XLSX file is queried for info using com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.ViewerHandler.getDocumentInfoBug
VIEWERJAVA-1325Exception when getPages is accessed from multiple threadsBug
VIEWERJAVA-1320PDF to HTML rendering generates an exceptionBug
VIEWERJAVA-1318Attachments present in MSG files are not rendering to HTMLBug
VIEWERJAVA-1316EML and MSG files are not properly rendering to HTML and ImagesBug
VIEWERJAVA-1315ODS files/documents are not rendering to HTML and ImagesBug
VIEWERJAVA-1311FileData is not serializableBug
VIEWERJAVA-1080Doesn’t viewed .doc fileBug
VIEWERJAVA-903Text loss on to HTML conversionBug
VIEWERJAVA-766Appends null at the end of the path for resources HTMLBug
VIEWERJAVA-651EPUB document loading issueBug

 Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. Rename classes which names start with AutoCad to Cad
    1. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.DocumentTypeFormat constant AUTOCAD_DRAWING_FILE_FORMAT value changed to “CAD Drawing File Format”
    2. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.DocumentTypeFormat constant AUTOCAD_DRAWING_FILE_FORMAT name changed to CAD_DRAWING_FILE_FORMAT
  2.  Mobi format support
    1. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.DocumentTypeFormat constant added public static final String MOBIPOCKET = “Mobipocket”
  3. Ability to set default font when rendering Email documents
  4. Add OTP format support
  5. Improve public API of ViewerConfig class Public API changes:
    1. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.сonfig.ViewerConfig property public String TempFolderName marked as ‘Deprecated’
    2. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.сonfig.ViewerConfig property public String TempPath marked as ‘Deprecated’
  6. Improve public API of IInputDataHandler interface Public API changes:
    1. Class ViewerImageHandler and ViewerHtmlHandler method FileListContainergetFileList() added
    2. Class ViewerImageHandler and ViewerHtmlHandler method getFileList(FileListOptions fileListOptions) added
    3. Class ViewerImageHandler and ViewerHtmlHandler method FileTreeContainer loadFileTree() marked as ‘Deprecated’
    4. Class ViewerImageHandler and ViewerHtmlHandler method FileTreeContainer loadFileTree(FileTreeOptions fileTreeOptions) marked as ‘Deprecated’
    5. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.containers.FileTreeContainer marked as ‘Deprecated’
    6. Class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.options.FileTreeOptions marked as ‘Deprecated’
    7. Interface com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.input.IInputDataHandler method saveDocument(CachedDocumentDescription cachedDocumentDescription, InputStream documentStream) marked as ‘Deprecated’
    8. Interface com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.input.IInputDataHandler method loadFileTree(FileTreeOptions fileTreeOptions) marked as ‘Deprecated’
    9. Interface com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.input.IInputDataHandler method void addFile(String guid, InputStream content) added
    10. Interface com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.input.IInputDataHandler method List getEntities(String path) added

Documentation articles:

    1. Load file tree
    2. Get file list
  1. OTS format support
  2. WebP file format support
  3. Investigate EMLX format support Public API changes:
    1. class com.groupdocs.viewer.domain.DocumentTypeFormat new constant added public static final String APPLE_MAIL = “Apple Mail”;
  4. Implement setting to prevent glyphs grouping when rendering pdf documents
  5. Partial rendering of large Excel sheets in HTML mode
  6. Partial rendering of large Excel sheets in Image mode
  7. Implement parameterless ViewerHtmlHandler and ViewerImageHandler constructors, after setting StoragePath and UseCache in configuration files following can be implemented as below:
    Example of rendering document using parameterless constructor and configurations
 // Create html handler
ViewerHtmlHandler htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler();
String guid = "word.doc";
HtmlOptions options = new HtmlOptions();
List<PageHtml> pages = htmlHandler.getPages(guid, options);
  1. Implement setting to configure content ordering in resultant html document
  2. LaTeX file format support
  3. Add {resource-name} pattern to HtmlOptions.HtmlResourcePrefix
    HtmlResourcePrefix setting supports replacement patterns: {page-number} and {resource-name}.
HtmlOptions htmlOptions = new HtmlOptions();
//The {page-number} and {resource-name} patterns will be replaced with current processing page number and resource name accordingly. 
  1. Add CountPagesToRender and PageNumbersToRender properties to RenderOptions class
  2. Implement setting which allows render pdf document layers separately