Adjust text overflow in cells

This article explains how to adjust text-overflow in cells when viewing Spreadsheets with GroupDocs.Viewer within your Java applications.


When Spreadsheet is rendered overflowed text inside the cell overlays subsequent cells until it meets non-empty cell. GroupDocs.Viewer provides a setting to configure the mode which will be used for rendering overflowed text:

  1. To set the overflowed text to be hidden, set setTextOverflowMode() of SpreadsheetOptions  class to TextOverflowMode.HIDE_TEXT as shown in the example below.
  2. To set the overflowed text to overlay subsequent cells until it meets non empty cell, set setTextOverflowMode() of SpreadsheetOptions object to TextOverflowMode.OVERLAY_IF_NEXT_IS_EMPTY. This is a default value.
  3. To set the overflowed text to overlay subsequent cells even they are not empty, set setTextOverflowMode() of SpreadsheetOptions object to TextOverflowMode.OVERLAY.
  4. To expand the cell width to fit overflowed text, set setTextOverflowMode() of SpreadsheetOptions object to TextOverflowMode.AUTO_FIT_COLUMN

NOTE: The same workflow is applicable for JpgViewOptionsPngViewOptions, and PdfViewOptions classes;

How to adjust text overflow in cells 

The following steps are required to manage text-overflow:

The following code sample shows how to hide text in case it overflows cell.

    try (Viewer viewer = new Viewer("sample.xlsx")) {
        HtmlViewOptions viewOptions = HtmlViewOptions.forEmbeddedResources();