Verifying Text signatures in advance

GroupDocs.Signature provides TextVerifyOptions class to specify different options for verification of Text signatures.

Here are the steps to verify Text signature within the document with GroupDocs.Signature:

This example shows how to verify Text signature in the document. See VerificationResult

using (Signature signature = new Signature("signedSample.pdf"))
    TextVerifyOptions options = new TextVerifyOptions()
        // specify if all pages shoudl be verified
        AllPages = false,
        PagesSetup = new PagesSetup() { FirstPage = false, LastPage = true, OddPages = false, EvenPages = true },
        // specify text pattern
        Text = "John",
        // specify verification text pattern
        MatchType = TextMatchType.Contains,
        // specify types of QR code to verify
        SignatureImplementation = TextSignatureImplementation.Stamp,
        // specify if form fielsd should be verified
        FormTextFieldTitle = "Sample",
        FormTextFieldType = FormTextFieldType.RichText
    // verify document signatures
    VerificationResult result = signature.Verify(options);
    if (result.IsValid)
        Console.WriteLine("\nDocument was verified successfully!");
        Console.WriteLine("\nDocument failed verification process.");

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