Sign Pdf documents with custom digital signature appearance

GroupDocs.Signature contains classes that implements for Pdf document special signature appearances.

Base signature options SignOptions contains property SignOptions.Appearance that could be assigned with the instance of following class

Here are the steps to add digital signature to PDF document and customize signature appearance with GroupDocs.Signature:

Sign Pdf document with customized appearance of digital signature

This example shows how to add electronic Digital signature to Pdf document with customized appearance.

// initialize Signature instance
using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.pdf"))
    DigitalSignOptions options = new DigitalSignOptions("certificate.pfx")
        // certificate password
        Password = "1234567890",
        // digital certificate details
        Reason = "Approved",
        Location = "New York",

        // apply custom PDF signature appearance
        Appearance = new PdfDigitalSignatureAppearance()
            // do now show contact details
            ContactInfoLabel = string.Empty,
            // simplify reason label
            ReasonLabel = "?",
            // change location label
            LocationLabel = "From",
            DigitalSignedLabel = "By",
            DateSignedAtLabel = "On",
            // apply custom appearance color
            Background = Color.Red
        AllPages = true,
        Width = 160,
        Height = 80,
        // setup signature border
        Border = new Border()
            Visible = true,
            Color = Color.Red,
            DashStyle = DashStyle.DashDot,
            Weight = 2
    SignResult signResult = signature.Sign("signed.pdf", options);

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