Sign document with XML Advanced Electronic Signature

GroupDocs.Signature provides DigitalSignOptions class to specify different amount of settings for Digital signature. One of these properties is the field of enumeration type XAdESType

Here are the steps to add XML Advanced Electronic Signature with GroupDocs.Signature:

  • Create new instance of Signature class and pass source document path as a constructor parameter.
  • Instantiate the DigitalSignOptions object with required certificate and its password.
  • Set property XAdESType to enumeration value XAdESType.XAdES.
  • Call Sign method of Signature class instance and pass DigitalSignOptions to it.
  • Analyze SignResult result to check newly created signatures if needed.

Sign Spreadsheet document with XML Advanced Electronic Signature

This example shows how to add Digital signature to document.

using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.xlsx"))
    DigitalSignOptions options = new DigitalSignOptions("certificate.pfx")
        // set XAdES type
        XAdESType = XAdESType.XAdES,
        // certificate password
        Password = "1234567890",
        // digital certificate details
        Reason = "Sign",
        Contact = "JohnSmith",
        Location = "Office1"
    SignResult signResult = signature.Sign(outputFilePath, options);
    Console.WriteLine($"\nSource document was signed successfully with {signResult.Succeeded.Count} signature(s).\nFile saved at {outputFilePath}.");

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