Obtain document history information

GroupDocs.Signature allows to get document history information about processed changes that include list of ProcessLog. Each history log record contains following information :

  • date/time of processed change.
  • type of document process change. See ProcessType
  • description of change
  • quantity of succeeded and failed signatures

Analyze document process history information

The following code snippet demonstrates how to obtain information about document historical changes and analyze them.

using (Signature signature = new Signature(filePath))
    IDocumentInfo documentInfo = signature.GetDocumentInfo();
    // display document process history information
    Console.WriteLine($"Document Process logs information: count = {documentInfo.ProcessLogs.Count}");
    foreach (ProcessLog processLog in documentInfo.ProcessLogs)
        var info = $" - operation [{processLog.Type}] on {processLog.Date.ToShortDateString()}. ";
        info += $"Succedded/Failed {processLog.Succeeded}/{processLog.Failed}. Message: {processLog.Message}";

More resources

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