Locating signature with stretch mode

GroupDocs.Signature provides ability to stretch signature area along page width or height. Use enumeration StretchMode contains following values

  • None - no stretch will be applied
  • PageWidth -  to stretch signature area along page width
  • PageHeight - to stretch signature area along page height
  • PageArea - to stretch signature area along page width and height

Here are the steps to use stretch mode with adding text or images signatures into document with GroupDocs.Signature:

Locate Signature Area with Stretch Mode

This example shows how to locate signature with stretch mode.

using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.pdf"))
    // define several signature options of different types and settings
    TextSignOptions textOptions = new TextSignOptions("This is test message")
        AllPages = true,
        VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Top,
        Margin = new Padding(50),
        Stretch = StretchMode.PageWidth
    BarcodeSignOptions barcodeOptions = new BarcodeSignOptions("123456")
        AllPages = true,
        EncodeType = BarcodeTypes.Code128,
        VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Bottom,
        Margin = new Padding(50),
        Stretch = StretchMode.PageWidth
    ImageSignOptions imageOptions = new ImageSignOptions()
        AllPages = true,
        Stretch = StretchMode.PageHeight,
        HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Right,
        ImageFilePath = Constants.ImageHandwrite

    // define list of signature options
    List<SignOptions> listOptions = new List<SignOptions>();
    // sign document to file
    signature.Sign("signed.pdf", listOptions);

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You are welcome to eSign PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents with free to use online GroupDocs Signature App.