eSign document with Image signature

What is a Image Signature?

An image as signature is alternative way to put any presenting data in a visual form. This electronic signature type allows to create custom image with company logo, sender’ initials, names or make a company stamp icon in it,

GroupDocs.SignatureΒ providesΒ ImageSignOptionsΒ classΒ to specify different settings for Image signature such as image content by file or stream, location, colors and advanced effects.

Here are the steps to create Image signature on document page:

  • Create new instance ofΒ Signature class and pass source document path as a constructor parameter;
  • Instantiate theΒ ImageSignOptionsΒ object according to your requirements and specify Image signature options;
  • CallΒ SignΒ method ofΒ SignatureΒ class instance and passΒ ImageSignOptionsΒ to it.

How to eSign document with Image signature

This example shows how to sign PDF with Image signature.

using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.pdf"))
    ImageSignOptions options = new ImageSignOptions("signature.jpg")
        // set signature position
        Left = 100,
        Top = 100,
        AllPages = true
    signature.Sign("SampleSigned.pdf", options);

Advanced Usage Topics

To learn more about document eSign features, please refer to theΒ advanced usage section.

More resources

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