Composing signature with linear gradient brush background

GroupDocs.Signature provides LInearGradientBrush class to specify filling signature background with linear gradients

Here are the steps to use Linear gradient brush with GroupDocs.Signature:

This example shows how to use Texture brush for signature background. See SignResult

using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.docx"))
    TextSignOptions options = new TextSignOptions("John Smith")
        // adjust signature appearance brush
        // setup background
        Background = new Background()
            Color = Color.LimeGreen,
            Transparency = 0.5,
            Brush = new LinearGradientBrush(Color.LimeGreen, Color.White, 45)
        // locate signature
        Width = 100,
        Height = 80,
        VerticalAlignment = Domain.VerticalAlignment.Center,
        HorizontalAlignment = Domain.HorizontalAlignment.Center,
        Margin = new Padding() { Top = 20, Right = 20 },
        // set alternative signature implementation on document page
        SignatureImplementation = TextSignatureImplementation.Image
    // sign document to file
    signature.Sign("signed.docx", options);

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Free Online App

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