Supported Document Formats

The following table contains file formats supported by GroupDocs.Search.

Document TypeDocument Type DescriptionIndexing ContentIndexing MetadataSupported VersionsNotes
Word Processing     
DOCMicrosoft Word Document(tick)(tick) Microsoft Word 97+
DOTMicrosoft Word Document Template(tick)(tick) Microsoft Word 97+
DOCXOffice Open XML Document(tick)(tick)  
DOCMOffice Open XML Document [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
DOTXOffice Open XML Document Template(tick)(tick)  
DOTMOffice Open XML Document Template [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
TXTPlain text(tick)(tick)  
ODTOpen Document Text(tick)(tick)  
OTTOpen Document Text Template(tick)(tick)  
RTFRich Text Format(tick)(tick)1.9
PDFPortable Document Format File(tick)(tick)  
HTMLHypertext Markup Language File(tick)(tick)  
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File(tick)(tick)  
MHTMLMIME HTML File(tick)(tick) Not supported by .NET Core version in Linux
XMLXML File(tick)(tick)  
CHMCompiled HTML Help File(tick)(tick)1.4 
EPUBOpen eBook File(tick)(tick)2.0, 3.0, 3.1 
FB2FictionBook 2.0 File(tick)(tick)2.0 
XLSMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet(tick)(tick) Microsoft Excel 97+
XLTMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet Template(tick)(tick) Microsoft Excel 97+
XLSXOffice Open XML Spreadsheet(tick)(tick)  
XLSMOffice Open XML Spreadsheet [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
XLSBOffice Open XML Spreadsheet [Binary](tick)(tick)  
XLTXOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Template(tick)(tick)  
XLTMOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Template [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
XLAMicrosoft Excel 97-2003 Add-In(tick)(tick)  
XLAMMicrosoft Excel Open XML Add-In(tick)(tick)  
ODSOpen Document Spreadsheet(tick)(tick)  
OTSOpen Document Spreadsheet Template(tick)(tick)  
CSVComma Separated Values(tick)(tick)  
TSVTab Separated Values(tick)(tick)  
PPTPowerPoint Presentation(tick)(tick) Microsoft PowerPoint 97+
PPSPowerPoint Slideshow(tick)(tick) Microsoft PowerPoint 97+
POTPowerPoint Template(tick)(tick) Microsoft PowerPoint 97+
PPTXOffice Open XML Presentation(tick)(tick)  
PPTMOffice Open XML Presentation [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
POTXOffice Open XML Presentation Template(tick)(tick)  
POTMOffice Open XML Presentation Template [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
PPSXOffice Open XML Presentation Slideshow(tick)(tick)  
PPSMOffice Open XML Presentation Slideshow [Macro-enabled](tick)(tick)  
ODPOpen Document Presentation(tick)(tick)  
PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File(tick)(tick)  
OSTOutlook Offline Data File(tick)(tick)  
EMLE-Mail Message(tick)(tick)  
EMLXApple Mail Message(tick)(tick)  
MSGOutlook Mail Message(tick)(tick)  
OneNoteOneNote Document(tick)(tick)Local files of Microsoft OneNote 2010-2016Not supported by .NET Core version in Linux
ZIPZipped File(tick)(tick)  
MP3MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (tick)  
WAVWaveform Audio File Format (tick)  
BMPBitmap Picture (tick)  
GIFGraphical Interchange Format File (tick)  
JP2JPEG 2000 Core Image File (tick)  
PNGPortable Network Graphics (tick)  
WEBPWebP Image Format File (tick)  
TIFFTagged Image File Format (tick)  
EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile (tick)  
WMFWindows Metafile (tick)  
JPGJPEG Image (tick)  
PSDAdobe Photoshop Document (tick)  
DJVUDjVu Image (tick)  
Project Management     
MPPMicrosoft Project File (tick)  
TORRENTBitTorrent File (tick)  
VSDVisio Drawing File (tick)  
VSSVisio Stencil File (tick)  
DCMDICOM Image (tick)  
DICOMDICOM Image (tick)  
AVIAudio Video Interleave File (tick)  
MOVApple QuickTime Movie (tick)  
QTApple QuickTime Movie (tick)  
FLVAnimate Video File (tick)  
ASFAdvanced Systems Format File (tick)