Image search in network

To run a reverse image search, use the SearchFirst method of the Searcher class. This method returns the first portion of results.

To continue the search, the SearchNext method is used, returning the second and subsequent portions of results.

The search image object and search options object are the same as those used for single index searches.

The following code example demonstrates performing a reverse image search on the search network.


Console.WriteLine("First image search");

Searcher searcher = node.Searcher;
ImageSearchOptions options = new ImageSearchOptions();
options.HashDifferences = hashDifferences;
int total = 0;

NetworkImageSearchResult result = searcher.SearchFirst(searchImage, options);
Console.WriteLine("Images found (shard " + result.ShardIndex + "): " + result.ImageCount);
total += result.ImageCount;

while (result.NetworkImageSearchToken != null)
    Console.WriteLine("Next image search");

    result = searcher.SearchNext(result.NetworkImageSearchToken);
    Console.WriteLine("Images found (shard " + result.ShardIndex + "): " + result.ImageCount);
    total += result.ImageCount;

Console.WriteLine("Total images found (diffs = " + hashDifferences + "): " + total);

More information about reverse image search in the article.

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