GroupDocs.Search for .NET 19.3 Release Notes

Major Features

There are the following improvements in this release:

  • Implement event that notifies about search phase finished
  • Implement logging of indexing operations
  • Searching for a complete phrase with stop words
  • Implement Dictionary API enhancements

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

SEARCHNET-659Implement event that notifies about search phase finishedImprovement
SEARCHNET-1833Implement logging of indexing operationsImprovement
SEARCHNET-1845Searching for a complete phrase with stop wordsImprovement
SEARCHNET-1878Implement Dictionary API enhancementsImprovement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Implement event that notifies about search phase finished

This improvement adds event that notifies about search phase is finished and provides intermediate results.

Public API changes

Enum SearchPhase has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events namespace.
Value AliasSubstitution has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value KeyboardLayoutCorrection has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value SpellingCorrection has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value HomophoneSearch has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value SynonymSearch has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value WordFormsSearch has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value FuzzySearch has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value WildcardMatching has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.
Value RegexMatching has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhase enum.

Class SearchPhaseEventArgs has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events namespace.
Property SearchPhase SearchPhase has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhaseEventArgs class.
Property string Query has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhaseEventArgs class.
Property string[] Words has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Events.SearchPhaseEventArgs class.

Event EventHandler<SearchPhaseEventArgs> SearchPhaseCompleted has been added to GroupDocs.Search.Index class

The example to perform that how to use SearchPhaseCompleted event.


string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex";
string documentFolder = @"c:\MyDocuments";

// Creating index
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);

// Adding synonyms
index.Dictionaries.SynonymDictionary.AddRange(new string[][] { new string[] { "big", "large" } });

// Adding documents to index

// Subscribing to the event
index.SearchPhaseCompleted += (sender, args) =>
    Console.WriteLine(args.SearchPhase + ": " + args.Words.Length);

// Creating search parameters
SearchParameters parameters = new SearchParameters();
parameters.UseCaseSensitiveSearch = false;
parameters.KeyboardLayoutCorrector.Enabled = true;
parameters.SpellingCorrector.Enabled = true;
parameters.SpellingCorrector.MaxMistakeCount = 1;
parameters.UseHomophoneSearch = true;
parameters.UseSynonymSearch = true;
parameters.UseWordFormsSearch = true;
parameters.FuzzySearch.Enabled = true;
parameters.FuzzySearch.FuzzyAlgorithm = new TableDiscreteFunction(1);

// Searching for word 'big'.
// Note that enabling many of search options at a time may give many results and take a long time.
SearchResults results = index.Search("big", parameters);

Implement logging of indexing operations

This improvement implements logging of main index operations to file ‘log.txt’ inside index folder.

Searching for a complete phrase with stop words

This improvement provides ability of searching phrases containing stop words. Stop words are words that are not included in an index to reduce index size.

The following example shows how to search with stop words.


string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex";
string documentFolder = @"c:\MyDocuments";

// Creating index
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);

// Adding stop words to dictionary
// Note that words 'in' and 'these' are stop words by default. This line of code is here for demonstration purposes only.
index.Dictionaries.StopWordDictionary.AddRange(new string[] { "in", "these" });

// Adding documents to index

// Searching for phrase without stop words
SearchResults results1 = index.Search("\"information contained *1 *1 materials\"");

// Searching for phrase containing stop words
// This search gives the same results as the previous one
SearchResults results2 = index.Search("\"information contained in these materials\"");

Implement Dictionary API enhamcements

This improvement adds overloads of AddRange() methods to dictionary classes.

Public API changes

Class AliasReplacementPair has been added to GroupDocs.Search namespace.
Constructor AliasReplacementPair(string, string) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.AliasReplacementPair class.
Property string Alias has been added to GroupDocs.Search.AliasReplacementPair class.
Property string Replacement has been added to GroupDocs.Search.AliasReplacementPair class.

Class CharacterReplacementPair has been added to GroupDocs.Search namespace.
Constructor CharacterReplacementPair(char, char) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.CharacterReplacementPair class.
Property char Character has been added to GroupDocs.Search.CharacterReplacementPair class.
Property char Replacement has been added to GroupDocs.Search.CharacterReplacementPair class.

Method AddRange(IEnumerable<AliasReplacementPair>) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.AliasDictionary class.
Method AddRange(AliasReplacementPair[]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.AliasDictionary class.

Method AddRange(IEnumerable<CharacterReplacementPair>) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.CharacterReplacementDictionary class.
Method AddRange(CharacterReplacementPair[]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.CharacterReplacementDictionary class.

Method AddRange(string[]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.SpellingCorrector class. 

Method AddRange(string[][]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.HomophoneDictionary class.

Method AddRange(string[]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.StopWordDictionary class.

Method RemoveRange(string[]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.StopWordDictionary class.

Method AddRange(string[][]) has been added to GroupDocs.Search.SynonymDictionary class.

The example to perform indexing is given below.


string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex";
string documentFolder = @"c:\MyDocuments";
// Creating index
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Adding alias for a query
index.Dictionaries.AliasDictionary.AddRange(new AliasReplacementPair[] { new AliasReplacementPair("query1", "\"Celestial mechanics\"") });
// Adding stop words
index.Dictionaries.StopWordDictionary.AddRange(new string[] { "i", "we", "you", "he", "she", "it" });
// Adding words to spelling corrector
index.Dictionaries.SpellingCorrector.AddRange(new string[] { "Newton", "Leibniz" });
// Indexing
// Searching
SearchResults results = index.Search("query1");