Features Overview

This page contains a list of supported features. For detailed information on a particular feature, refer to the corresponding pages in the Advanced Usage section.


GroupDocs.Search provides the following indexing features:

  • Create index in memory or on disk.
  • Update index to take into account changed, deleted and added documents.
  • Merge several indexes into one.
  • Optimize index to improve search performance.
  • Ability of indexing from a file, stream or structure.
  • Indexing password protected documents.
  • Indexing with stop words.
  • Support for indexing additional fields.
  • Support for blended characters.
  • Support for characters indexed as a whole word.
  • Support for character replacement during indexing.
  • Support for custom text extractors.
  • Options for compact and metadata index.
  • Ability to save extracted text in index with different level of compression.
  • Document filtering during indexing.
  • Deleting indexed paths from index.
  • Ability to separately extract data from documents and index them.
  • Support for optical text recognition on images.
  • Calculation and indexing of image hashes for reverse image search.
  • The ability to create a distributed search network that automatically balances the load across nodes.


GroupDocs.Search provides the following search features:

  • Simple word search.
  • Boolean search.
  • Regular expression search.
  • Faceted search.
  • Case sensitive search.
  • Flexible fuzzy search.
  • Synonym search.
  • Homophone search.
  • Wildcard search.
  • Phrase search with wildcards.
  • Search for different word forms.
  • Date range search.
  • Numeric range search.
  • Search by chunks (pages).
  • Document filtering in search result.
  • Search for different object types: text, numbers, dates, file names, document types, metadata fields, document creation/modification dates.
  • Combining different types of search into one search query.
  • Alias substitution in search queries.
  • Perform spell check during search.
  • Perform keyboard layout correction during search.
  • Search queries in text or flexible object form.
  • Highlighting search results in the text of the entire document or in text segments.
  • Multiple simultaneous thread safe search.
  • Thread safe search during indexing, updating or merging operation.
  • Search over several indexes simultaneously.
  • Built-in support for reverse image search.