Document renaming

Sometimes a situation arises when an indexed document is renamed, but its contents have not changed. In this case, to save computing resources, you can notify the index about the renaming of the document, and then the document will not be reindexed during the update operation.

To notify an index about renaming a document, the Notify method is used with the corresponding notification object as a parameter.

You should keep in mind that if an index is notified of the renaming of a document, it will not be reindexed the next time you call the Update method, even if its contents have changed. The following example demonstrates how to notify an index of a renamed document.


string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex";
string documentFolder = @"c:\MyDocuments";
// Creating an index
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Indexing documents in a document folder
// Renaming a document
string oldDocumentPath = @"c:\MyDocuments\OldDocumentName.txt";
string newDocumentPath = @"c:\MyDocuments\NewDocumentName.txt";
File.Move(oldDocumentPath, newDocumentPath);
// Notifying the index about renaming
Notification notification = Notification.CreateRenameNotification(oldDocumentPath, newDocumentPath);
bool result = index.Notify(notification);
// Updating the index
// The renamed document will not be reindexed

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