Delete indexed documents

GroupDocs.Search has the ability to remove individual documents from the index that are indexed from a stream or structure. To remove documents indexed by a file system path, see Deleting indexed paths.

The following example shows how to remove documents from an index by document key.


// Implementing document loader
public class DocumentLoader : IDocumentLoader
    private readonly string filePath;
    private readonly string documentKey;

    public DocumentLoader(string filePath)
        this.filePath = filePath;
        documentKey = Path.GetFileName(filePath);

    public string DocumentKey
        get { return documentKey; }

    public void CloseDocument()

    public Document LoadDocument()
        string extension = Path.GetExtension(filePath);
        byte[] buffer = File.ReadAllBytes(filePath);
        Stream stream = new MemoryStream(buffer);
        Document document = Document.CreateFromStream(documentKey, DateTime.Now, extension, stream);
        return document;


string filePath = @"c:\MyDocuments\SomeDocument.pdf";
string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex\";

// Creating an index in the specified folder
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);

// Indexing the document from stream
DocumentLoader documentLoader = new DocumentLoader(filePath);
Document document = Document.CreateLazy(DocumentSourceKind.Stream, documentLoader.DocumentKey, documentLoader);
Document[] documents = new Document[] { document };
index.Add(documents, new IndexingOptions());

// Searching in the index
SearchResult searchResult = index.Search("Einstein");

// Deleting indexed document from the index
string[] documentKeys = new string[] { documentLoader.DocumentKey };
DeleteResult deleteResult = index.Delete(new UpdateOptions(), documentKeys);

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