Search reports

Each time you perform a search in an index, a report is generated for that search. An array of search reports can be obtained by calling getSearchReports method of the Index class. Reports are stored in the index only while the index is loaded into RAM for use. If you reload the index, the reports will not be restored.

You can configure the maximum number of stored reports using the setMaxSearchReportCount method of the IndexSettings class. The default value is 10. Learn more about index settings on the page Search index settings.

Each index search report contains the following information:

  • The start time of the search;
  • The end time of the search;
  • The search duration;
  • The number of documents found;
  • The total number of occurrences found;
  • The search query;
  • The search options.

The following example demonstrates how to get search reports from an index.

String indexFolder = "c:\\MyIndex\\";
String documentsFolder = "c:\\MyDocuments\\";
// Creating an index in the specified folder
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Indexing documents from the specified folder
// Searching in index
SearchResult result1 ="Einstein");
SearchResult result2 ="\"Theory of Relativity\"");
// Getting search reports
SearchReport[] reports = index.getSearchReports();
// Printing reports to the console
for (SearchReport report : reports) {
    System.out.println("Query: " + report.getTextQuery());
    System.out.println("Time: " + report.getStartTime());
    System.out.println("Duration: " + report.getSearchDuration());
    System.out.println("Documents: " + report.getDocumentCount());
    System.out.println("Occurrences: " + report.getOccurrenceCount());

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