Search flow

The table below shows the internal stages of each search operation. See also Query language specification, Search operation table.

OperationSearch flow
Simple term search (case insensitive)Keyboard layout correction
Spelling correction
Homophone search
Synonym search
Word forms search (since v.18.7)
Fuzzy search
Retrieving results
Simple term search (case sensitive)Retrieving results
Wildcard search (since v.18.12)Wildcard search
Retrieving results
Date range searchRetrieving results
Numeric range searchRetrieving results
Phrase searchRetrieving results for each term of a phrase
Joining sets of results
Regex searchRegex search
Fuzzy search
Retrieving results
And, OrRetrieving results for each operand
Combining sets of results
NotRetrieving results for operand
Inverting set of results

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