Getting documents in network

To obtain a list of indexed documents in a specific search network shard, you must call the getIndexedDocuments method of the Searcher class.

To obtain a list of shards of the search network, use the getShardIndices method of the SearchNetworkNode class.

It is also possible to get a list of nested items of indexed container document. To do this, use the getIndexedDocumentItems method of the Searcher class.

The following code example demonstrates obtaining a list of documents indexed in the search network, as well as outputting the resulting data to the console.

Searcher searcher = node.getSearcher();
Indexer indexer = node.getIndexer();

int[] shardIndices = node.getShardIndices();
for (int i = 0; i < shardIndices.length; i++) {
    int shardIndex = shardIndices[i];
    NetworkDocumentInfo[] infos = searcher.getIndexedDocuments(shardIndex);
    for (NetworkDocumentInfo info : infos) {
        int nodeIndex = node.getNodeIndex(info.getShardIndex());
        System.out.println(nodeIndex + ": " + info.getShardIndex() + ": " + info.getDocumentInfo().getFilePath());
        String[] attributes = indexer.getAttributes(info.getDocumentInfo().getFilePath());
        for (String attribute : attributes) {
            System.out.println("\t\t" + attribute);

        NetworkDocumentInfo[] items = searcher.getIndexedDocumentItems(info);
        for (NetworkDocumentInfo item : items) {
            System.out.println("\t" + nodeIndex + ": " + item.getShardIndex() + ": " + item.getDocumentInfo().toString());

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