Using redaction filters

GroupDocs.Redaction allows you to set the page-based scope for your redaction of two types:

  • page range, a given number of pages at certain offset from the beginning or the end of the page;
  • page area (on each page), which is a top-left based rectangle.

All filters inherit from RedactionFilter and as an array are set to Filters property of the ReplacementOptions.

You can combine these filters in one set in order to set the scope of redaction to an area on a specific page. For more details, see Use PDF redaction filters article.

Redaction filters limitations

There are the following limitations of the redaction filters with GroupDocs.Redaction v23.6:

  • Only PDF documents are not supported.

We are working on adding more formats supported in future releases of GroupDocs.Redaction.

Learn more

You can find details and examples of using redaction filters with GroupDocs.Redaction in one of these guides: