GroupDocs.Redaction Overview

What is redaction?

Lets try to know about what is redaction or what does redacted mean. The redaction is the editing a document for the purpose to remove or hide the confidential or sensitive information.

What Is GroupDocs.Redaction?

GroupDocs.Redaction is a powerful sanitization API that allows to remove or mask classified information from over 30 document types. The main purpose of GroupDocs.Redaction product is an ability to optionally save redacted documents in PDF, transforming all pages into raster images or save redacted document in its original format for further editing.

GroupDocs.Redaction provides a single format-independent interface for removing sensitive and classified information from the documents, including the document’s metadata and annotations.

Why Use GroupDocs.Redaction as a Developer?

  • No additional software is required to remove sensitive information;

  • An ability to set page range rendering document as PDF;

  • Easy way to redact different types of data: text, metadata, annotations and comments;

  • Document information extraction - file type, page count etc.;

  • An extensible architecture, allowing user to add custom document formats and types of redactions.