GroupDocs.Redaction for Java 19.6 Release Notes

This page contains release notes for GroupDocs.Redaction for Java 19.6.

Major Features

This is the first version of GroupDocs.Redaction for Java. The most notable features are:

  1. Search and redact exact matches of a search string
  2. Search and redact using regular expressions
  3. Use textual (exemption codes) or graphic (colored rectangles) redactions
  4. Save document in its original format or as a PDF with raster images of original pages
  5. Wipe out metadata or redact metadata values
  6. Remove annotations or redact their texts
  7. Control redaction process and skip specific matches
  8. Integration interface for implementing custom redactions and formats
  9. Built-in support for office formats, raster image files and PDF
  10. Ability to specify a set of redaction rules (policy) in XML file

All Changes

This is the first version of GroupDocs.Redaction for Java