This enhancement is supported by version 17.9.0 or greater.

Add Public Constants with Field Names

GroupDocs.Search for .NET API has added field names to public constants.

Classes namely DocumentTypes, EpubFieldNames, ExcelFieldNames, FieldNames, PresentationFieldNames and WordFieldNames have been added to GroupDocs.Search namespace to achieve this functionality.

Below is the list of fields added to the classes:

Field Excel has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Pdf has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Presentation has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Word has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Txt has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field OutlookStorage has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field EmailMessage has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field OneNote has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Epub has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field FictionBook has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Zip has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.
Field Chm has been added to GroupDocs.Search.DocumentTypes class.

Field Title has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Subject has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Author has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Description has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Language has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Copyrights has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field Publisher has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.
Field PublishedDate has been added to GroupDocs.Search.EpubFieldNames class.

Field Application has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field ApplicationVersion has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Title has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Subject has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Comments has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Keywords has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field ContentStatus has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Category has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Manager has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Author has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field LastAuthor has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field Company has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field HyperlinkBase has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field CreatedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field LastSavedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.
Field LastPrintedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.ExcelFieldNames class.

Field Title has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Subject has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Keywords has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Author has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Description has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Language has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field Publisher has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.
Field PublishedDate has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FictionBookFieldNames class.

Field Content has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FieldNames class.
Field FileName has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FieldNames class.
Field DocumentType has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FieldNames class.
Field CreationDate has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FieldNames class.
Field ModificationDate has been added to GroupDocs.Search.FieldNames class.

Field Application has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field ApplicationVersion has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Title has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Subject has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Comments has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Keywords has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field ContentStatus has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Category has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Manager has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Author has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field LastAuthor has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field Company has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field HyperlinkBase has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field CreatedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field LastSavedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field LastPrintedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field RevisionNumber has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.
Field TotalEditingTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.PresentationFieldNames class.

Field Application has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field ApplicationVersion has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Template has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Title has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Subject has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Comments has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Keywords has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field ContentStatus has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Category has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Manager has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Author has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field LastAuthor has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field Company has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field HyperlinkBase has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field CreatedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field LastSavedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field LastPrintedTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field RevisionNumber has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.
Field TotalEditingTime has been added to GroupDocs.Search.WordFieldNames class.


The following code snippet shows the usage of field names

<script src=""></script>