Introduction to GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET

What is Document/File Viewer

Document/File viewers; do not edit files, yet it is common for them to be able to export data in a different file format, or to copy information from the viewed to the system-wide clipboard.
A document viewer is limited-functionality software in the sense that it does not have a capability to create a file, or modify the content of an existing one. Instead, it is used only to display or print the content.

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What is GroupDocs.Viewer?

A powerful document viewer component that allows you to display over 50 document formats in your .NET applications. The viewer can both rasterize documents and convert them to SVG+HTML+CSS, delivering true-text high-fidelity rendering. Supported file formats include:

and many more formats.

What Does GroupDocs.Viewer Do?

The GroupDocs.Viewer allows getting representation in HTML or image format for whole document, page-by-page or custom range of pages.

The product will be characterized by the following key features:

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