Extract hyperlinks from Microsoft Office Word documents

To extract hyperlinks from Microsoft Office Word document GetStructure method is used. This method returns XML representation of the document. Hyperlinks are represented by “hyperlink” tag; “link” attribute contains hyperlink’s URL. For more details, see Extract text structure. Hyperlink can contain a text:

<hyperlink link="www.google.com">google.com</hyperlink>

Here are the steps to extract hyperlinks from Microsoft Office Word documents:

  • Instantiate Parser object for the initial document;
  • Call GetStructure method and obtain XmlReader object;
  • Iterate through the XML document.

The following example demonstrates how to extract hyperlinks from Microsoft Office Word document:

// Create an instance of Parser class
using (Parser parser = new Parser(filePath))
    // Get the reader object for the document XML representation
    using (XmlReader reader = parser.GetStructure())
        // Iterate over the document
        while (reader.Read())
            // If it is the start tag of the hyperlink
            if (reader.IsStartElement() && reader.Name == "hyperlink")
                // Print the link attribute

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