Extract data from databases

GroupDocs.Parser provides the functionality to extract data from databases via ADO.NET.

To create an instance of Parser class to extract data from a database the following constructor is used:

Parser(string filePath, LoadOptions loadOptions);

The list of tables is represented as table of contents. The table extraction is processed by GetText(int) method.

Here are the steps to extract data from Sqlite database:

  • Prepare connection string;
  • Instantiate Parser object with connection string;
  • Call Features.Text property to check if text extraction is supported;
  • Call Features.Toc property to check if table of contents extraction is supported;
  • Call GetToc method and obtain collection of tables;
  • Iterate through the collection and get a text from tables.

The following example shows how to extract data from Sqlite database:

string connectionString = string.Format("Provider=System.Data.Sqlite;Data Source={0};Version=3;", "database.db");
// Create an instance of Parser class to extract tables from the database
// As filePath connection parameters are passed; LoadOptions is set to Database file format
using (Parser parser = new Parser(connectionString, new LoadOptions(FileFormat.Database)))
    // Check if text extraction is supported
    if (!parser.Features.Text)
        Console.WriteLine("Text extraction isn't supported.");
    // Check if toc extraction is supported
    if (!parser.Features.Toc)
        Console.WriteLine("Toc extraction isn't supported.");
    // Get a list of tables
    IEnumerable<TocItem> toc = parser.GetToc();
    // Iterate over tables
    foreach (TocItem i in toc)
        // Print the table name
        // Extract a table content as a text
        using (TextReader reader = parser.GetText(i.PageIndex.Value))

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