Loading specific file formats

In some cases it’s required to specify the document format manually to guarantee correct output produced by GroupDocs.Parser. The following are the cases when the document format must be specified manually:

  • Markdown documents
  • MHTML documents
  • OTP documents (OpenDocument Presentation Template)
  • Databases
  • Emails from remote servers

Here are the steps to specify the document format for Markup document.

The following example shows how to specify the document format for Markup document:

try (InputStream stream = new FileInputStream(Constants.SampleMd)) {
    // Create an instance of Parser class for markdown document
    try (Parser parser = new Parser(stream, new LoadOptions(FileFormat.Markup))) {
        // Check if text extraction is supported
        if (!parser.getFeatures().isText()) {
            System.out.println("Text extraction isn't supported.");
        try (TextReader reader = parser.getText()) {
            // Print the document text
            // Markdown is detected; text without special symbols is printed

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