Introducing GroupDocs.Parser for Java

What Is GroupDocs.Parser?

GroupDocs.Parser is a powerful document data extraction API from over 50 document types in your applications.

One of the most valuable features of GroupDocs.Parser is parsing documents with predefined templates. It’s easy to define template and extract data from invoices, prices or other kinds of your typical documents.

The API allows to easily extract text in accurate and quick modes. There are several advanced methods to extract text.

The API also provides methods to extract images, extract metadata. You can do it with regular documents and containers like ZIP archives, OST/PST mail data files and PDF portfolios.

If you want to extract PDF forms, GroupDocs.Parser also allows to do it.

Why Use GroupDocs.Parser as a Developer?

  • No additional software is required to extract data from the documents;
  • Document information extraction - file type, page count etc;
  • Attachments and images extraction;
  • Parsing documents by user-generated templates;
  • Parsing PDF forms.