GroupDocs.Parser for Java 18.7 Release Notes

Major Features

This is the first version of GroupDocs.Parser for Java. The most notable features are:

  • Extract text from various document formats
  • Extract main document properties
  • Extract text and metadata from containers (PST, OST, ZIP containers are currently supported)
  • Extract text and metadata from mail servers (POP, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange Server are supported)
  • Extract formatted text. Plain text, Markdown, and HTML formatters are present
  • Extract structured text
  • Support password protected document (ability to provide the password if it is required)
  • Service functions like encoding detection, media type detection and the ability to connect the logger
  • Search text in documents
  • Text analysis API (Pdf format is currently supported)

All Changes

This is the first version of GroupDocs.Parser for Java.