Extract images from documents

GroupDocs.Parser allows to extract images from PDF, Emails, Ebooks, Microsoft Office: Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), LibreOffice formats and many others (see full list at supported document formats article).

GroupDocs.Parser’s allows to easily implement simple and complex image extraction cases at the same time (see more at advanced help section).

In this article you can see how to extract images from any supported format without additional settings.

Extract images from documents

To extract images from documents simply call the getImages method:

Iterable<PageImageArea> getImages();

This method returns a collection of PageImageArea objects:

getPageThe page that contains the text area.
getRectangleThe rectangular area on the page that contains the text area.
getFileTypeThe format of the image.
getRotationThe rotation angle of the image.
getImageStreamReturns the image stream.
getImageStream(ImageOptions)Returns the image stream in a different format.
save(String)Saves the image to the file.
save(String, ImageOptions)Saves the image to the file in a different format.

Here are the steps to extract images from the whole document:

  • Instantiate Parser object for the initial document;
  • Call getImages method and obtain collection of image objects;
  • Check if collection isn’t null (images extraction is supported for the document);
  • Iterate through the collection and get sizes, image types and image contents.

The following example shows how to extract all images from the whole document:

// Create an instance of Parser class
try (Parser parser = new Parser(Constants.SampleImagesPdf)) {
    // Extract images
    Iterable<PageImageArea> images = parser.getImages();
    // Check if images extraction is supported
    if (images == null) {
        System.out.println("Images extraction isn't supported");
    // Iterate over images
    for (PageImageArea image : images) {
        // Print a page index, rectangle and image type:
        System.out.println(String.format("Page: %d, R: %s, Type: %s", image.getPage().getIndex(), image.getRectangle(), image.getFileType()));

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