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Contents Summary

Search Query Syntax

Search operations

Parenthesesinner-query )Parentheses are used to specifyorderof operations.
  • term1 I (term2 & term3) 
  • ("total expenses" | "total costs") & (82000 ~~ 83000 | 92000 ~~ 93000)
Field specifierfield-name : inner-queryField specifier is used tospecifyfield name.
  • content :term 
  • creationdate: (2010 ~~ 2013) 
  • filename : report &creationdate: 2009
Exact phrase query specifierexact-phrase-query "Exact phrase query specifier is used to specifyphrasefor phrase search.
  • "term1 term2 term3" 
  • "computational complexity theory" 
  • "formal language" ANDharrison
And operationleft-query & right-query 
left-query AND right-query
And operation is used to find documents which contain both left query and right query.
  • term1 & term2 
  • term1 AND term2 
  • computational & complexity
Or operationleft-query | right-query 
left-query || right-query 
left-query OR right-query
Or operation is used to find documents which contain left query, or right query, or both.
  • term1 | term2 
  • term1 || term2 
  • term1 OR term2
  • "cumulative distribution function" OR "cumulative density function"
Not operationinner-query 
NOT inner-query
Not operation is used to find all documents which do not contain inner query.
  • ! term 
  • NOT term 
  • author : (Cardano AND NOT Gerolamo)
Macro name specifier@macro-nameMacro name specifier is used to specify name of macro within search query that will be replaces with the body of the macro before parsing the query.
  • @query_macro 
  • @macro1 & @macro2
Regular expression specifier^regular-expressionRegular expression specifier is used to specify query that is regular expression.
  • ^^[0-9]{1,5}$
Numeric range specifierstart-number ~~ end-numberNumeric range specifier is used to specify range for numeric range search.
  • 13 ~~ 42 
  • 10000000000 ~~ 100000000000
Date range specifierdaterange( start-date ~~ end-date )Date range specifier is used to specify range for date range search.
  • daterange(09.28.2017~~11.11.2017)

Search flow 

OperationSearch flow
Simple term search (case insensitive)Keyboard layout correction 
Spelling correction 
Homophone search 
Synonym search 
Fuzzy search 
Retrieving results
Simple term search (case sensitive)Retrieving results
Date range searchRetrieving results
Numeric range searchRetrieving results
Exact phrase searchRetrieving results for each term of the phrase 
Joining sets of results
Regex searchRegex search 
Fuzzy search 
Retrieving results
And, OrRetrieving results for each operand
Combining sets of results
NotRetrieving results for operand
Inverting set of results

Query language specification 


  • regex-query
  • non-regex-query


  • ^pattern


  • unary-query
  • binary-query


  • word
  • exact-query
  • field-name-query
  • numeric-range-query
  • date-range-query
  • parenthesized-query
  • not-query


  • word-list "


  • word word
  • word-list word


  • field-nameunary-query


  • number ~~ number


  • daterange( date ~~ date )


  • non-regex-query )


  • unary-query
  • NOT unary-query


  • and-query
  • or-query


  • non-regex-query & unary-query
  • non-regex-query AND unary-query


  • non-regex-query | unary-query
  • non-regex-query || unary-query
  • non-regex-query OR unary-query
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