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SimpleFast text extraction. The text in this mode is not extracted in a very accurate way but it is faster than the standard mode. If the fast text extraction doesn't support the document format, then this parameter is ignored and the standard text extraction is used.
StandardStandard text extraction.

The following code sample shows how to extract text in Simple Extract Mode.

<script src=""></script>

Using IFastTextExtractor


This feature is supported by version 18.11 or greater.

This feature allows setting the fast text extraction via IFastTextExtractor interface. The support for IFastTextExtractor interface is added to the following classes:
  • PdfTextExtractor class
  • CellsTextExtractor class
  • SlidesTextExtractor class

IFastTextExtractor interface has only one property:

Code Block
ExtractMode ExtractMode { get; set; }
This property gets or sets a value indicating the mode of text extraction. The following code sample shows how to use IFastTextExtractor interface.


<script src=""></script>