Working with Metadata in ASF Files

 Working with metadata in ASF files

Reading ASF format-specific properties

The GroupDocs.Metadata API supports extracting format-specific information from ASF files.

The following are the steps to read native ASF metadata.

  1. Load an ASF video
  2. Get the root metadata package
  3. Extract  the native metadata package using AsfRootPackage.AsfPackage
  4. Read the ASF metadata properties


using (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.InputAsf))
	var root = metadata.GetRootPackage<AsfRootPackage>();
	var package = root.AsfPackage;

	// Display basic properties
	Console.WriteLine("Creation date: {0}", package.CreationDate);
	Console.WriteLine("File id: {0}", package.FileID);
	Console.WriteLine("Flags: {0}", package.Flags);

	// Display Asf Codec Information
	foreach (var codecInfo in package.CodecInformation)
		Console.WriteLine("Codec type: {0}", codecInfo.CodecType);
		Console.WriteLine("Description: {0}", codecInfo.Description);
		Console.WriteLine("Codec information: {0}", codecInfo.Information);

	// Display metadata descriptors
	foreach (AsfBaseDescriptor descriptor in package.MetadataDescriptors)
		Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", descriptor.Name);
		Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", descriptor.Value);
		Console.WriteLine("Content type: {0}", descriptor.AsfContentType);

		AsfMetadataDescriptor metadataDescriptor = descriptor as AsfMetadataDescriptor;
		if (metadataDescriptor != null)
			Console.WriteLine("Language: {0}", metadataDescriptor.Language);
			Console.WriteLine("Stream number: {0}", metadataDescriptor.StreamNumber);
			Console.WriteLine("Original name: {0}", metadataDescriptor.OriginalName);

	//Display the base stream properties
	foreach (AsfBaseStreamProperty property in package.StreamProperties)
		Console.WriteLine("Alternate bitrate: {0}", property.AlternateBitrate);
		Console.WriteLine("Average bitrate: {0}", property.AverageBitrate);
		Console.WriteLine("Average time per frame: {0}", property.AverageTimePerFrame);
		Console.WriteLine("Bitrate: {0}", property.Bitrate);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream end time: {0}", property.EndTime);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream flags: {0}", property.Flags);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream language: {0}", property.Language);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream start time: {0}", property.StartTime);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream number: {0}", property.StreamNumber);
		Console.WriteLine("Stream type: {0}", property.StreamType);

		//Display the audio stream properties
		AsfAudioStreamProperty audioStreamProperty = property as AsfAudioStreamProperty;
		if (audioStreamProperty != null)
			Console.WriteLine("Audio bits per sample: {0}", audioStreamProperty.BitsPerSample);
			Console.WriteLine("Audio channels: {0}", audioStreamProperty.Channels);
			Console.WriteLine("Audio format tag: {0}", audioStreamProperty.FormatTag);
			Console.WriteLine("Audio samples per second: {0}", audioStreamProperty.SamplesPerSecond);

		//Display the video stream properties
		AsfVideoStreamProperty videoStreamProperty = property as AsfVideoStreamProperty;
		if (videoStreamProperty != null)
			Console.WriteLine("Video bits per pixels: {0}", videoStreamProperty.BitsPerPixels);
			Console.WriteLine("Compression: {0}", videoStreamProperty.Compression);
			Console.WriteLine("Image height: {0}", videoStreamProperty.ImageHeight);
			Console.WriteLine("Image width: {0}", videoStreamProperty.ImageWidth);

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