Working with interpreted values

Sometimes it’s not really obvious what a particular metadata property is supposed to mean. A good example of such vague property is a numeric flag or enumeration. For example, here is the description of the EXIF ExposureProgram tag taken from the official EXIF specification:


The class of the program used by the camera to set exposure when the picture is taken. The tag values are as follows.

0 = Not defined

1 = Manual

2 = Normal program

3 = Aperture priority

4 = Shutter priority

5 = Creative program

6 = Action program

7 = Portrait mode

8 = Landscape mode

As you can see, all modes are represented by numeric values. If you are not familiar with the specification, you will get a hard time converting these bare numbers to something meaningful. This is where interpreted values come into play. They provide a user-friendly description of the original property value. The code snippet below demonstrates how to extract the ExposureProgram property and display its original value and interpreted value.

try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata("D:\\input.heic"))
    IExif root = (IExif)metadata.getRootPackage();
    if (root.getExifPackage() != null)
        TiffShortTag property = (TiffShortTag)root.getExifPackage().getExifIfdPackage().getByTiffTagID(TiffTagID.ExposureProgram);
        if (property != null)
            System.out.println(property.getTagValue()[0]); // 2
            System.out.println(property.getInterpretedValue()); // Normal program

From release to release, we add interpreters to metadata properties extracted from various formats. To get a full list of properties having interpreted values for a particular file please use the below example:


public class WorkingWithInterpretedValues {
     public static void run() {
        File folder = new File(Constants.InputPath);
        for (File file : folder.listFiles()) {
            try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(file.getAbsolutePath())) {
                if (metadata.getFileFormat() != FileFormat.Unknown && !metadata.getDocumentInfo().isEncrypted()) {
                    IReadOnlyList<MetadataProperty> properties = metadata.findProperties(
                            new WorkingWithInterpretedValues().new InterpretedValueIsNotNullSpecification());
                    for (MetadataProperty property : properties) {
    private class InterpretedValueIsNotNullSpecification extends Specification {
        public boolean isSatisfiedBy(MetadataProperty candidate) {
            return candidate.getInterpretedValue() != null;

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