Updating metadata

The example below demonstrates how to update existing metadata properties using a combination of criteria. Please note that the updateProperties method checks the type of all properties before applying any changes. If a property satisfies the predicate but has a type different from the passed value it won’t be updated. The explicit type check in the example is performed since we use the existing value to filter metadata properties.

  1. Open a file to be updated
  2. Specify a predicate that will be used to filter desired metadata properties
  3. Specify a value which you want to be assigned to the selected properties
  4. Pass the predicate and the new value to the updateProperties method
  5. Check the actual number of updated properties
  6. Save the changes


public class UpdatingMetadata {
    public static void run() {
        Date threeDaysAgo = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis() - TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(3));

        File folder = new File(Constants.InputPath);
        for (File file : folder.listFiles()) {
            try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(file.getAbsolutePath())) {
                if (metadata.getFileFormat() != FileFormat.Unknown && !metadata.getDocumentInfo().isEncrypted()) {

                    // Update the file creation date/time if the existing value is older than 3 days
                    int affected = metadata.updateProperties(new ContainsTagSpecification(Tags.getTime().getCreated()).and(
                            new OfTypeSpecification(MetadataPropertyType.DateTime)).and(
                            new UpdatingMetadata().new DateBeforeSpecification(threeDaysAgo)), new PropertyValue(new Date()));

                    System.out.println(String.format("Affected properties: %s", affected));

                    metadata.save(Constants.OutputPath + "output." + FilenameUtils.getExtension(file.getName()));

    // Define your own specifications to filter metadata properties
    public class DateBeforeSpecification extends Specification {
        public DateBeforeSpecification(Date date) {

        public final Date getValue() {
            return auto_Value;

        private void setValue(Date value) {
            auto_Value = value;

        private Date auto_Value;

        public boolean isSatisfiedBy(MetadataProperty candidate) {
            Date date = candidate.getValue().toClass(Date.class);
            if (date != null) {
                return date.before(getValue());
            return false;

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