Traverse a whole metadata tree

In some cases, it’s required to get access to all properties extracted from a document, video, image, etc. GroupDocs.Metadata represents any loaded file as a tree consisting of metadata properties and nested metadata packages. You can easily iterate through the metadata tree using the code snippet below:

  1. Load a file to examine
  2. Obtain the RootMetadataPackage instance which is the root of the whole metadata tree extracted from the file
  3. Use any algorithm of your choice to traverse the tree.


public static void run() {
	try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.JpegWithXmp)) {
		displayMetadataTree(metadata.getRootPackage(), 0);
private static void displayMetadataTree(MetadataPackage metadata, int indent) {
	if (metadata != null) {
		String stringMetadataType = String.valueOf(metadata.getMetadataType());
		System.out.printf("%" + (stringMetadataType.length() + indent) + "s%n", stringMetadataType);
		for (MetadataProperty property : metadata) {
			String stringPropertyRepresentation = "Name: " + property.getName() + ", Value: " + property.getValue();
			System.out.printf("%" + (stringPropertyRepresentation.length() + indent + 1) + "s%n", stringPropertyRepresentation);
			if (property.getValue() != null) {
				switch (property.getValue().getType()) {
					case MetadataPropertyType.Metadata:
						displayMetadataTree(property.getValue().toClass(MetadataPackage.class), indent + 2);
					case MetadataPropertyType.MetadataArray:
						displayMetadataTree(property.getValue().toArray(MetadataPackage.class), indent + 2);
private static void displayMetadataTree(MetadataPackage[] metadataArray, int indent) {
	if (metadataArray != null) {
		for (MetadataPackage metadata : metadataArray) {
			displayMetadataTree(metadata, indent);

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