How to Run

Download from GitHub

The complete examples package of GroupDocs.Metadata is hosted on Github. You can either download the ZIP file from here or clone the repository of Github using your favourite Github client.

In case you download the ZIP file, extract the folders on your local disk. The extracted files and folders will look like the following image:

Open IntelliJ Idea and import the project to get started with it. Archived project file can also be imported.Follow the given steps to run the application:

  • Click file from toolbar
  • Open project structure using  (CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S on Windows/Linux, ? + ; on Mac OS X)
  • Select Modules at the left panel
  • Open Dependencies tab
  • Click ‘+’ and click JARs or directories


If you like to add or improve an example, we encourage you to contribute to the project. All examples in this repository are open source and can be freely used in your own applications.

To contribute, you can fork the repository, edit the code example and create a pull request. We will review the changes and include it in the repository if found helpful.