Getting known property descriptors

This code snippet demonstrates how to extract information about known properties that can be encountered in a particular package.

  1. Load a file to examine
  2. Get a collection of PropertyDescriptor instances for any desired metadata package
  3. Iterate through the extracted descriptors


try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.InputDoc)) {
	WordProcessingRootPackage root = metadata.getRootPackageGeneric();

	for (PropertyDescriptor descriptor : root.getDocumentProperties().getKnowPropertyDescriptors()) {
		for (PropertyTag tag : descriptor.getTags()) {
Not all possible properties are presented in the getKnowPropertyDescriptors collection. The library provides information on the most frequently used properties only. If there is no descriptor for some property it is still accessible through the GroupDocs.Metadata search engine in read-only mode.

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