Find metadata properties

Use tags to find most common metadata properties

To make manipulating metadata easier we attach specific tags to the most commonly used metadata properties extracted from a file. Some metadata standards can have quite a complex structure. Moreover, in most cases, one image, video or document contains more than one metadata packages. Using tags you can search for desirable properties with a few lines of code without even knowing the exact format of the loaded file.

The code sample below demonstrates how to search for specific metadata properties using tags:

  1. Load a file to examine
  2. Make up a predicate checking that a specific tag is assigned to a property (alternatively you can use a combination of tags)
  3. Pass the predicate to the findProperties method
  4. Iterate through the found properties


// Constants.InputPptx is an absolute or relative path to your document. Ex: @"C:\Docs\source.pptx"
try (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.InputPptx)) {
	// Fetch all the properties satisfying the predicate:
	// property contains the name of the last document editor OR the date/time the document was last modified
	IReadOnlyList<MetadataProperty> properties = metadata.findProperties(
			new ContainsTagSpecification(Tags.getPerson().getEditor()).or(new ContainsTagSpecification(Tags.getTime().getModified())));
	for (MetadataProperty property : properties) {
		System.out.println(String.format("Property name: %s, Property value: %s", property.getName(), property.getValue()));

As a result, we obtain all metadata properties containing the name of the person last edited the document and all properties that store the date/time the document was last edited.

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Free online document metadata management App

Along with a full featured Java library we provide simple, but powerful free Apps.

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