Merge documents to PDF


Consider the functionality for merging files of various formats such as PDF / XPSDOCPPT and XLS into a PDF document. Let’s see, why do we need to combine these files into a PDF document? This article discusses the PDF format, but those ones will be more in the near future. But turn back to the PDF format. It is a standard format that allows you to display information the same on any device with any platform. It is comfortable for transferring info via the Internet or to a printer. That is why this format is chosen for the current task of combining files of various formats.

Merge documents to PDF / XPS

Multiple files (even different types of files such as DOCPPTXLS) can be combined into a single PDF / XPS file by using GroupDocs.Merger API. You can also use this Join method to combine multiple PDF / XPS files. This cross-format merge to PDF / XPS could be useful for the cases when there is no ability to merge only PDF / XPS files. For now, GroupDocs.Merger API allows to Join other file types without password with the PDF / XPS document loaded into Merger object.

The following example demonstrates how to merge PDF file with DOCPPT and XLS file types:

using (Merger merger = new Merger(@"c:\document1.pdf"))