Merge documents to DOC


Consider the functionality for merging files of various formats such as DOCPDFXPSEPUB and TEX into a DOC document. Let’s see, why do we need to combine these files into a DOC document? This article discusses the DOC format, but those ones will be more in the near future. But turn back to the DOC format. It is a standard format that allows you to display information the same on any device with any platform. It is comfortable for transferring info via the Internet or to a printer. That is why this format is chosen for the current task of combining files of various formats.

Merge documents to DOC / DOCX

Multiple files (even different types of PDF files such as PDFXPSEPUB and TEX) can be combined into a single DOC / DOCX file by using GroupDocs.Merger API. You can also use this Join method to combine multiple DOC / DOCX files. This cross-format merge to DOC / DOCX could be useful for the cases when there is no ability to merge only DOC files. For now, GroupDocs.Merger API allows to Join other file types without password with the DOC / DOCX document loaded into Merger object.

The following example demonstrates how to merge DOC file with PDFXPSEPUB and TEX file types:

using (Merger merger = new Merger(@"c:\document1.doc"))

Also, please read the following article: How to correctly merge streams to DOCX