Introducing GroupDocs.Merger for .NET

What Is GroupDocs.Merger?

GroupDocs.Merger allows you to merge documents and manipulate document structure across wide range of supported document types - PDF, DOCX/DOC, PPTX/PPT, XLSX/XLS, VSDX/VSD, ODT, ODS, ODP, HTML, EPUB and many others. Merge or join several documents into one, split single document to multiple documents, reorder or replace document pages, change page orientation, manage document password and perform other manipulations with GroupDocs.Merger API.

Why Use GroupDocs.Merger?

  • No additional software is required to work with documents of any supported format;
  • Document manipulations
    • Join multiple documents of the same format into one document;
    • Split source document to multiple resultant documents;
    • Ability to add, update or remove document password;
  • Document pages manipulations
    • Join arbitrary pages from several source documents into single resultant document;
    • Desired page numbers or ranges can be specified via additional method options;
    • Move document page into another position within document;
    • Remove specific pages or page ranges from document;
    • Swap pages position within document;
    • Extract the specific pages from source document of known format;
  • Document pages transformations
    • Rotate document pages;
    • Change document pages orientation;
  • Document information extraction - file type, page count etc.;
  • Generate document preview for easy document structure display.