Install from Nuget

NuGet is the easiest way to download and install GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. There are ways to install it in your project.

Install via Package Manager GUI

Follow these steps to reference GroupDocs.Merger using Package Manager GUI:

  • Open your solution/project in Visual Studio.
  • Click Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution. You can also access the same option through the Solution Explorer. Right-click the solution or project and select Manage NuGet Packages from the context menu.
  • Select Browse tab and type “GroupDocs.Merger” in the search text box.
  • Click the Install button to install the latest version of the API into your project as shown in the following screenshot.

Using Package Manager Console

You can follow the steps below to reference GroupDocs.Merger for .NET using the Package Manager Console:

  • Open your solution/project in Visual Studio.
  • Select Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console from the menu to open package manager console.
  • Type the command “Install-Package GroupDocs.Merger” and press enter to install the latest release into your application.
  • After successful installation, GroupDocs.Merger will be referenced in your application.

Install from official GroupDocs website

You can follow the steps below to reference GroupDocs.Merger for .NET downloaded from official website Downloads section:

  1. Unpack zip archive or follow MSI install wizard instructions.
  2. In the Solution Explorer, expand the project node you want to add a reference to.
  3. Right-click the References node for the project and select Add Reference from the menu.
  4. In the Add Reference dialog box, select the .NET tab (it’s usually selected by default).
  5. If you have used MSI installer to install GroupDocs.Merger, you will see GroupDocs.Merger in the top pane. Select it and then click the Select button.
  6. If you have downloaded and unpacked the DLL only, click the Browse button and locate the GroupDocs.Merger.dll file. You have referenced GroupDocs.Merger and it should appear in the SelectedComponents pane of the dialog box.
  7. Click OK. GroupDocs.Merger reference appears under the References node of the project.