GroupDocs.Merger for .NET 19.9 Release Notes

Major Features

Other notable features:

  • Removed support of image joining;
  • Added support of .mht format.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

MERGERNET-415Implement a new format .mhtFeature
MERGERNET-602Implement a new API of GroupDocs.Merger for .NET productFeature

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

All public types from GroupDocs.Merger namespace 

  1. Have been moved into GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy namespace
  2. Marked as Obsolete with message: This interface/class/enumeration is obsolete and will be available till January 2020 (v20.1).

Full list of namespaces which have been moved and marked as obsolete:

  1. GroupDocs.Merger.Handler => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Handler
  2. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain
  3. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain.Format => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain.Format
  4. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain.Image => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain.Image
  5. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain.Options => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain.Options
  6. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain.Result => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain.Result
  7. GroupDocs.Merger.Domain.Security => GroupDocs.Merger.Legacy.Domain.Security