Swap pages

GroupDocs.Merger allows to swap two pages positions within the source document. The result is a new document where two pages have their positions exchanged.

Here are the steps to swap document pages:

  • Initialize SwapOptions class with page numbers to swap;
  • Instantiate Merger object with source document path or InputStream;
  • Call swapPages method and pass SwapOptions object to it;
  • Call save method specifying file path to save resultant document.

The following code sample demonstrates how to split document:

String filePath = "c:\sample.pptx";
String filePathOut = "c:\output\result.pptx";

int pageNumber1 = 3;
int pageNumber2 = 6;
SwapOptions swapOptions = new SwapOptions(pageNumber2, pageNumber1);

Merger merger = new Merger(filePath);