Merge PowerPoint Presentations

You must be familiar with PPTX and PPT extension files, these are Presentation file formats that store collection of records to accommodate presentation data such as: slides, shapes, text, animations, video, audio and embedded objects. A presentation can be saved/converted into other file formats as well such as PDF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, and XPS.

Common Presentation file extensions and their associated file formats include PPTX, PPT, PPSX and PPS.

How to merge PPSX presentations

PPSX, Power Point Slide Show, file are created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and above for Slide Show purpose. It is an update to the PPS file format that was supported by Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 versions. When a PPSX file is shared with another user and opened, it starts as PowerPoint show unlike PPTX file that opens in editable mode. The sequence of slide show is the same as in the original presentation. All the slides accompany the images, sounds and other embedded media accompany the presentation slides to the PPSX during the slideshow.

  • Create an instance of Merger class and pass source PPSX file path as a constructor parameter. You may specify absolute or relative file path as per your requirements.
  • Add another PPSX file to merge with join method. Repeat this step for other PPSX documents you want to merge.
  • Call Merger class save method and specify the filename for the merged PPSX file as parameter.
// Load the source PPSX file
Merger merger = new Merger("c:\sample1.ppsx")

// Add another PPSX file to merge
// Merge PPSX files and save result"c:\merged.ppsx");

NOTE: You may merge other Presentation formats like PPTX, PPT and PPS in the same way as shown above. For this provide files by specifying their names with extension.

How to merge PPTX streams

Please read the following article: How to properly merge PPTX streams

Code Examples

Please find more use-cases and complete Java sources of our backend and frontend examples and try them for free!

Merge PowerPoint Live Demo

GroupDocs.Merger for Java provides an online PowerPoint Merger App, which allows you to try it for free and check its quality and accuracy.